About The Project

CyberKit4SME is a EC H2020 project aiming at democratizing a Cyber Security Toolkit for SMEs and MEs.

The project topic code is: SU-DS03-2019-2020 – Digital Security and privacy for citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises and Micro Enterprise.

The project duration is 3 years. It started on 1 June 2020 and will last till 31 May 2023.

CyberKit4SME will produce offline risk modelling tools to support ISO 27005 risk analysis and privacy and data-protection ‘by design’, covering technical, organisational and human risk factors, and supporting regulatory compliance analysis and compliance documentation generation. CyberKit4SME will provide online cyber security risk monitoring based on collaborative security intelligence and event management (SIEM) tool, and data protection measures designed for easy access that will be effective in cloud environments.

Cyber security incident reporting and security intelligence sharing will be supported by a secure, privacy-aware blockchain framework, allowing SMEs to collaborate with CERTs, supply chain partners and indirectly, other SMEs to detect and address threats in critical sectors without fear of reputational damage.

These tools will be supported by training including cyber range demonstrations, raising awareness and encouraging adoption of advanced cyber security methods by SMEs and MEs. CyberKit4SME will thus increase awareness of cyber security threats, vulnerabilities and risks among SMEs and MEs, allow more confident and effective forecasting, monitoring and management of those risks, and simplify compliance with regulatory obligations under the GDPR and NIS Directive, as well as sector-specific regulations relating to security, data protection and privacy.

CyberKit4SME will validate its tools with SMEs in four critical sectors: finance, healthcare, energy and transportation.