CyberKit4SME Synergy

​The creation of a collaborative environment across similar EU initiatives creates a thorough understanding of Cyber Security in SMEs and MEs’ design.​​

We joined forces with other EU initiatives such as TRAPEZE, AI4HealthSECPUZZLE, HEIR, SENTINEL, FogProtect, GlobalCyberAlliance , SYNTHEMA , NEMECYS , Energy Shield, Geiger, Curex, Protego, PALANTIR, and Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate to find methods to incorporate the outcomes of other projects into CyberKit4SME while also providing great potential to expand the project’s impact.​

Collaboration with EU initiatives that have synergies with CyberKit4SME allows for the identification of areas where tools are complementary and could be utilized jointly by a SME/ME. Combining the efforts of different cyber range facilitators will broaden the scope of user input and increase the impact of dissemination efforts.

Protego Joint Submission

Middleware 2021

21 June, 2021

CUREX Kick-Off Meeting


  • Knowledge exchange
  • Discuss methodologies and solutions

8 September, 2021

Geiger Kick-Off Meeting


  • Joint workshop
  • Sharing of training materials
  • Collaboration for the Beta Launch (May 22)

20 September, 2021

Energy Shield Kick-Off Meeting

23 September, 2021

Protego Kick-Off Meeting


  • Joint paper

30 September, 2021

Energy Shield Follow-Up


  • Strengthen social
  • media interactions
  • Common workshop ?
  • Join effort for
    • a) public policies
    • b) standards
  • Common paper

5 October, 2021

PALANTIR Kick-Off Meeting


  • Common Workshop with SMEs
  • Data exchange

10 February, 2022

Geiger Follow-Up

FIC 2022 we go together

19 February, 2022

TRAPEZE Kick-Off Meeting


  • Dissemination
  • Kaspersky qualification assessment tool
  • Cyber Security Intelligence sharing

22 February, 2022

AI4HeathSEC Kick-Off Meeting



22 March, 2022

Additional Collaborations

Initial opening for:





22 March, 2022

Clustering Webinar on Security, Privacy and Data Protection

Virtual Event, Project Presentations & Thematic Presentations, Open Discussion/Brainstorming

Clustering Webinar on Security and GDPR

12 May, 2022

FIC 2022 With Geiger

7 June, 2022

Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate Kickoff meeting

14 June, 2022


Joint conf. paper at HCII 2022

22 June, 2022

GEIGER-CyberKit4SMEs technical meeting#1

Technical sync  between the 2 projects

22 June, 2022

GEIGER-CyberKit4SMEs technical meeting#2

Additional technical meeting between the 2 projects

27 June, 2022

Technologies for securing data by HEIR CyberKit4SME – Common blog published

12 August, 2022

CyberKit4SME – GlobalCyberAlliance Collaboration kickoff

2 November, 2022

CyberKit4SME – GlobalCyberAlliance Collaboration work session

9 November, 2022

CyberKit4SME takes part in “Cyber Civil Defense” meeting organized by Global Cyber Alliance

25 January, 2023

CyberKit4SME – SYNTHEMA – NEMECYS Collaboration Kickoff

27 February, 2023

Joint publication with PROTEGO

CyberKit4SME (Maya Anderson and Gidon Gershinsky) and PROTEGO (Eliot Salant and Salvador Garcia) publish [2312.01354] Protecting Sensitive Tabular Data in Hybrid Clouds (

3 December, 2023