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Distance based metrics using holdout data
AI Privacy Toolkit gets a boost on dataset assessment in latest release

IBM’s AI Privacy Toolkit is a set of open-source tools designed to help organizations build more trustworthy AI solutions. It bundles together several practical tools and techniques related to the privacy and compliance of AI models. The toolkit is designed to be used by model developers (like data scientists) as part of their existing ML […]

A Face-to-Face General Assembly of CyberKit4SME hosted by SINTEF in Norway, Oslo in June 2023

Project partners united for a General Assembly of the CyberKit4SME project on June 19-21, 2023. The meeting was graciously hosted by  SINTEF in Norway, Oslo. The consortium discussed the current status, the changes in the project and the plans for successfully completing the project in November 2023.  

Sogei’s CERT and Service Ledger integration

In the previous blog post, we provided a high-level overview of what CTI data are and how Sogei’s CERT collects them from reliable CTI feeds via OpenCTI. In this article, we detail how Sogei’s CERT sends this information to Service Ledger (SL), according to STIX/TAXII standards, to share it securely with other CERTs and/or SMEs. […]

Cyber Threat Intelligence and how is leveraged inside Cyberkit4SME – Part 2

Formats and Protocols STIX (Structured Threat Information eXchange) and TAXII (Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information) are the main standards in the Cyber Threat Intelligence field; we can say that STIX states the “what” of threat intelligence, while TAXII defines “how” that information is transmitted. Regarding STIX, the main purpose of the format is to […]

Protecting SMEs from Cyberattacks: Elektrobit’s Evaluation of the CyberKit4SME Toolkit

The CyberKit4SME Toolkit The CyberKit4SME toolkit consists of five tools designed to work together to provide comprehensive protection against cyberattacks. The main focus is to adapt the tools and models to be accessible by SMEs & MEs without the need for scarce and expensive specialist cyber security expertise. These tools are: Keenaï:  is a tool […]