6 October 2021

The CyberKit4SME brochure

To learn more about the @cyberkit4sme  project, check out our new brochure. Scope, objectives, motivations, and impact, are all there. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to collaborate:  Our goal is to provide cyber security tools that help SMEs and MEs become aware of, analyze, forecast, and manage cyber […]

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11 November 2021

Private Data Harvesting on Alexa using Third-Party Skills

Abstract We are currently seeing an increase in the use of voice assistants which are used for various purposes. These assistants have a wide range of inbuilt functionalities with the possibility of installing third-party applications. In this work, we will focus on analyzing and identifying vulnerabilities that are introduced by these third-party applications. In particular, […]

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7 days ago
What #CyberKit4SME does:
● Monitor and forecast cybersecurity risks
● Raise awareness of cybersecurity risks and attacks
● Support to manage security, privacy and personal data protection risks
● Online collaborative, security information sharing and incident reporting system
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2 months ago
Strong consortiums can accomplish outstanding results.
We are honored to be collaborating on the @cyberkit4sme project with one of the most capable groups: @inetum_world @3soft @EB_Automotive @Energis @IBM @JRC_Capital @Tiani-Spirit @sintef @Sogei_SpA @unisouthampton @
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2 months ago
In the sphere of cybersecurity, there are numerous opportunities for collaboration. We began to construct a strong foundation in order to take advantage of all of these chances. We're excited to announce yet another cross-project partnership with the H2020 project #cyberGEIGER cyberkit4sme photo


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