CyberKit4SME: Accessible and Cost-Effective Cyber-resilience for Small and Medium Enterprises

21st January, 2022

Author CyberKit4SME

JRC Capital Management Consultancy and Research GmbH ( leverages available finance information (e.g., news, trades, and alternative data), financial expertise of its personnel, as well as the structuring financial products like bonds or funds for institutional and retail investors. The added value of JRC’s operations is reflected in the customer’s profit. The integrity and protection of the process and of the information exchanged is therefore vital to the company’s business continuity and overall success.

In this direction, JRC benefits from its participation in the CyberKit4SME project, which provides access to a set of user-friendly and easily accessible cybersecurity tools for Small Medium Enterprises. In the scope of the project, JRC has simulated various security scenarios to access the cyber-security risks of the company, to raise cyber security knowledge within JRC’s personnel, and to identify mitigation actions and plans.

The CyberKit4SME project has developed and offers user-friendly cybersecurity tools and methodologies, which boost the cyber-resilience of SMEs that do not typically have the knowledge and equity capital to invest in cybersecurity. Specifically, the tools and methodologies of the project enable SMEs to:

  • Raise awareness of cyber risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks;
  • Monitor and anticipate risks;
  • Manage risks with greater confidence through organizational, human, and technical security measures;
  • Collaborate, secure and protect the information in a collective effort.

More information about the CyberKIT4SME project can be found at the following link: CyberKit4SME