Deliverable D6.5 Now Available

18th July, 2022

Author CyberKit4SME

Deliverable D6.5 – Cyber range training course is now available to read on CyberKit4SME’s website; Click here to read D6.5 – Cyber range training course content

Below is an excerpt of the deliverable:

The main goal of this deliverable is to define a series of exercises and training experiences depicting the importance and value of CyberKit4SME toolkit as a whole and as separate tools, to be used by SMEs and MEs outside the consortium.

Training and exercises are defined as a series of different scenarios in which different tools of the CyberKit4SME toolkit can be used, separately or in combination.

Scenarios are divided in two different categories:

  • offline static exercises dealing with risk analysis and management;

  • online dynamic exercises dealing with attack detection and management.

Each of them are suitable for using certain software tools or services included in the toolkit.

For the second category, to accomplish the goal of defining a series of exercises specifically designed and developed to let users get the best from CyberKit4SME tools in exemplar scenarios, a specific environment enabling the creation of those scenarios must be identified.

Two different types of enabling tools are identified:

  • cyber range framework;

  • cyber attack simulation tools.

Landscape of cyber range framework and cyber attack simulation tools has been explored and analysed, collecting different options and respective features. To select the most suitable tool available in the landscape for both types, desired features are listed resulting from literature and proper CyberKit4SME project requirements

The most suitable choice among solutions available on the market, both free of use or commercial, was based on coverage of the desired features list.

Once the most suitable cyber range framework and cyber attack simulation tool were selected, the creation of exercises started according to the choice.

Contents included in this deliverable and in its attachments are intended to be used by the Cyber Security Academy hosted by University of Southampton and any other project partner, in ad hoc events or regular initiatives, on their own or in conjunction with other partners or entities outside the consortium.

At the end of the deliverable there is a short list of examples depicting possible usage of contents of this deliverable.


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