An end-to-end framework for privacy risk assessment of AI models

2022 Abigail Goldsteen, Shlomit Shachor and Natalia Raznikov

Private Data Harvesting on Alexa using Third-Party Skills

2021 Jack Corbett and Erisa Karafili

It’s Not My Problem: How Healthcare Models relate to SME Cybersecurity Awareness

2021 J Brian Pickering, Costas Boletsis, Ragnhild Halvorsrud, Stephen Phillips and Mike Surridge

Embedded Vision for Self-Driving on Forest Roads

2021 Sorin Grigorescu, Mihai Zaha, Bogdan Trasnea and Cosmin Ginerica

Cybersecurity for SMEs: Introducing the Human Element into Socio-technical Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

2021 Costas Boletsis, Ragnhild Halvorsrud, J Brian Pickering, Stephen Phillips and Mike Surridge

Cloud2Edge Elastic AI Framework for Prototyping and Deployment of AI Inference Engines in Autonomous Vehicles

2020 Sorin Grigorescu, Tiberiu Cocias, Bogdan Trasnea, Andrea Margheri, Federico Lombardi and Leonardo Aniello