Del. no. Deliverable name WP no. Status Submission
D1.1 Collaborative Working Environment and it’s Maintenance WP1 Delivered 31/07/2020
D2.1 Requirements Analysis WP1 Delivered 27/11/2020
D2.2 Technical specifications WP2 Updated 15/09/2021
D2.3 CyberKit4SME Handbook WP2 Unavailable
D5.1 Initial Services for Data Protection WP5 Delivered 30/09/2021
D5.2 Final Services for Data Protection WP5 Unavailable
D6.1 Marketing Material, Website, D&C Plan WP6 Delivered 18/09/2020
D6.3 1st Report on Dissemination Actions and Preliminary Results WP6 Delivered 23/11/2021
D6.5 Cyber Range Training Course Content WP6 Delivered 31/05/2022
D6.6 2nd Report On Dissemination Actions and Final Results WP6 Unavailable