Service Ledger

Sogei’s CERT and Service Ledger integration

In the previous blog post, we provided a high-level overview of what CTI data are and how Sogei’s CERT collects them from reliable CTI feeds via OpenCTI. In this article, we detail how Sogei’s CERT sends this information to Service Ledger (SL), according to STIX/TAXII standards, to share it securely with other CERTs and/or SMEs. […]

Getting started with Service Ledger

Service Ledger (SL) is a blockchain-based platform that delivers secure storage and sharing of CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) data in STIX and TAXII standards. For a more detailed explanation of what SL is, how it works and how it ensures the security of CTI data, check out our previous blog post. Within the CyberKit4SME project, SMEs […]

First release of Service Ledger tool for sharing Cyber Threat Intelligence

Within the CyberKit4SME project, one of the objectives for SMEs and MEs is to enhance their cyber situational awareness by monitoring their systems and collecting indicators about potential cyber-attacks from external malicious actors. This goes under the name of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), namely the art of detecting which system asset has been compromised and […]